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Hexalix Estate

Hexalix Properties Limited was formed in 2007 as a subsidiary of Unity Bank Plc and commenced full operations in September 2009 with core mandate to provide modern, affordable and low-cost houses for the teeming populace across the nation in line with the Federal Government’s policy to provide affordable accommodation for Nigerians.

With its desire to venture into housing estate development, the need for affordable land which shall have a direct impact on the cost of houses became imperative to Hexalix Properties Limited, hence direct government allocation was sought. Several applications and request letters were written to Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) with statutory payments made but wasn’t actualized. There was a high demand from public particularly the Unity Bank Plc staff for HPL to venture into mass housing to alleviate their housing needs.

Therefore, search for land through open market was decided with various options identified. Some of these options were in remote locations while some were within Abuja the city center and since it’s obvious that Abuja residents would rather reside within Capital Territory it was decided that the pilot estate development shall be sited within a satellite community just a stone throw to the city center. As a backdrop of this innovative thinking, tour of FCT to identify plots of land in Kubwa Extension III a location with a well structure layout with infrastructure facilities was conducted. Two plots comprising of 9,900m2 (approximately 1 heactre) and another measuring 11000m2 were identified and adjudged suitable for mass housing.

Preliminary stage

Preliminary process began with search and due diligence on the title of the plots of land at the Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS) to authenticate genuineness and confirmation of no encumbrance. Upon a positive feedback the plots were acquired and production of working drawings which includes Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings began. These were submitted to FCT Department of Development Control for approval and was granted 23rd January, 2013. All designs were handled professionally while taking care of all the rules that are provided to serve as guide in the design of mass housing development.

Material sourcing

Immediately after receipt of approval, site clearance began, boreholes were dug and sandcrete blocks were molded and produced on site using BS Standard materials to conform with internationally accepted standard. This proactive thinking of molding blocks on site using high quality materials of stonedust (granite) without mixing with any other materials resulted to solid, heavy and strong blocks referred to by many masons as ‘’Berger Blocks’’.


Cement was supplied through major Dealers of Dangote cement which eliminated adulteration and re-bagging commonly practiced by retailers. Supply chain was through Local Purchase Order (LPO) which made it convenient and proved both efficient as well as effective.


As earlier mentioned, boreholes were dug to serve as water supply source from inception throughout the construction stage and beyond with no single gallon of water purchased. The ingenuity no doubt saved cost and ensured proper and adequate curing of both concrete and indeed molded blocks to attain its maximum compressive strength throughout the life of the project.

Construction Stage

Construction work commenced immediately after the completion of block molding and curing with supervision by our Engineers whose roles were to supervise every stage of the construction. The team of Engineers who participated in the construction were;

  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Builders as well as Architects & Quantity Surveyors

Procurement of building materials

Schedule of building materials were determined from working drawings for immediate purchase of material which includes laterite sand, stone boulders, dieldrex, cement, sand, gravels and iron reinforcement.

Secondly, the schedule of materials to be imported was prepared and forwarded to prospective importers for pricing and returned complete quotation for deliberation, final selection and award. It’s also the policy for samples of materials to be supplied be provided for selection before awards will be granted for local and foreign supplies. All materials used in the construction of the Estate were bulk purchased through major Vendors and Dealers.


Completion and Occupation

The Estate is at 90% completion and 80% occupation by both owners and tenants. The Estate is adjudged among others to be well secured and serene for habitation with proximity to the city center and all needed infrastructures for a modern Estate in place.

It is important to note that lots of our Corporate organizations and indeed individuals alike have been besieging Hexalix Properties Ltd. to develop new Estates for subscription due to quality and satisfactory standards of our Estate and services provided in the pilot scheme.


Marketing of the Estate commenced immediately after approval of the design by Department of Development Control through the following approaches;

  • Production of flyers
  • Adverts in Property magazines and Bill Boards
  • Adverts in the Company website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media
  • Adverts through formal introduction to individuals, Government Agencies like Customs, Federal Civil servants etc
  • Adverts through formal contacts with private organizations like Banks, Corporate bodies etc.

Quality Assurance, Store Keeping, Clerk of Work and Auditor

Beside the Project Manager/Site Engineers, the company also saw the need to engage other personnel to help in overseeing the day to day construction activities of the project to ensure quality in delivery and in conformity to international best practices. Chains of commands were strictly adhered to from Consultant – Project Manager – Site Engineers – Foremen – Skilled Labor – Unskilled labor – Clerk of Works – Storekeepers – Food Vendor – Security Guards.

Funding of the project

The project was funded from Company reserve and proceeds from off takers who showed keen interest during site implementation activities were required to make deposits of about 30% down payment of total cost of interested dwelling.

Hexalix Estate I


Project construction commencement date: October, 2012
Land size: 9,956.16m2 (approx.) 1 hectare
Total Area Developed: 7000m2 (70% of total area)
Green area / infrastructure: 3000m2 (30% of total area)

Types of dwelling:

  1. 3 Bed room fully detached bungalow.
  2. 3 Bed room semi-detached bungalow.
  3. 2 Bed room blocks of flat.

Hexalix Estate II


Project construction commencement date: October, 2012

Land size: 11,000m2 (approx.) 1.1 hectares.
Total Area Developed: 7700m2 (70% of total area),
Green area / infrastructure: 3300m2 (30% of total area).

Types of dwelling;

  1. 3 Bed room fully detached bungalow.
  2. 3 Bed room semi-detached bungalow.
  3. 2 Bed room blocks of flat.
  4. 1 Bed room blocks of flat.

Infrastructures / facilities available at both wings

Dedicated 750Kva transformer with 24 hours power supply

24 hours water supply


Road network


Shopping Mall



Central cesspool /drainage networks


Street lights


Facility Management Services (FMS)


Head Office

No. 22, Koforidua Street,
Wuse Zone 2,
Abuja, Nigeria


No. 6, Hamza Abdullahi Street,
Farm Centre,
Kano, Nigeria.